Are New Era caps made in the USA?

Baseball and Basketball are one of those popular sports in the US. New Era is one of the major brands that produce apparel for the Baseball and Basketball teams who play in their individual Leagues both MLB and MBA. The sports are watched by millions of American households every week.

New Era has an exclusive deal to the licensing rights of both the NBA and NFL. They make all the official on-field caps for the teams in the league. Apart from these team caps, New Era also produces 59fifty custom hats which can be designed to your personal taste and produced custom made for you. The company was founded in Buffalo and they dominate the hat business industry in their city. Although, the company makes some of its merchandise abroad. You would need to check your label to determine where your cap was produced.


What is the New Era

New Era is a sports lifestyle apparel company. They are the exclusive producers of caps for the NBA and MLB. 59fifty is the official hat used by baseball players and has been embraced by both fans and celebrities alike. As I mentioned before, the New Era company was founded in Buffalo but has since grown to be a big apparel company outside the area.

The hats produced by New Era are worn both on and off the pitch ad it has been adopted as a sort of a fashion choice. The 59fifty baseball caps are designed with a strap behind. The athletic and casual nature of the cap has really contributed to its success.


New Era caps

New Era produces its caps in Derby and Miami. Out of 65 million units made yearly, about 2 percent (4 million Units) is made in Derby. A greater percentage of the caps are made out of the country. Recent news suggests that the company wants to close down its business in Derby and move it to Miami. This plays with their recent strategy to produce more for less with cheaper overseas labor.

The company has been documented to make $750 million dollars annually from sales of its merchandise. They also make a healthy percentage from the 59fifty custom hats. The company has stated that the closing of its factories in Derby and moving all operations to Miami, is in line with the new direction the company is going. Here is an expert opinion on how you can detect the differences between caps manufactured in the US and those manufactured abroad.



New Era caps are made in the USA but the bulk of them are made abroad. The company has recently decided to close its plant in Derby so they could streamline production in line with the company’s new direction. To know if your cap was made in the US, check the label on the cap. We hope this article has been able to successfully answer your question.

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