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How Do Twitch Streamers Make Money?

Twitch offers various ways for its users to earn money. There are donations, subscriptions, ads, and sponsorships. All these add up to a good influx of money depending on your channel advancement. And focusing on your Twitch growth and applying several tricks such as enabling VODs or spreading your content on various social media can lead you to get significant income.

So how do you earn revenue on Twitch?

To generate revenue on your channel, some semblance of following (at least 50 followers) is necessary. After you have gained these, you can pick either of the two programs below.

Twitch Affiliates

Once the standards are fulfilled, Twitch will welcome you to the affiliate program. This is the lower tier program that requires you to stream for at least 8 hours within the month, and seven days within the month you should have an overall average of 3 people tuning in per stream and gain 50 followers. You can then sell games and in-game items, get money from subscriptions, and people can pay you Bits.


Twitch Partners

This targets Twitch’s most influential streamers and personalities. It is exclusive and requires Twitch to send you an invite (although you can put your name forward for consideration). Once you have been accepted as a Twitch partner, you can earn extra money via monthly subscriptions and show advertisements in your videos.


Which outlets get you money after you are in either of these programs?



A Bit bought in the form of an animated GIF can later be used in your channel’s chatroom. These are paid for with Amazon and are the lowest form of offering monetary support to a Twitch streamer. For every Bit used in a chatroom, the streamer earns 1 cent.


Twitch Subscriptions

Twitch subscriptions are popular among streamers as they are a substantial consistent source of their income. Monthly subscriptions to the channel cost $4.99. The money they accumulate is divided between the streamer and Twitch. Popular streamers can bargain a better deal with Twitch in which they get more than their 50% share.



Twitch does not have a donation feature, but you can link your PayPal account to your account, which your followers can use to send you monetary support.


Video Ads

This feature is exclusively for Twitch partners, but it is well worth it. With an option to select how often you want to run the advertisements and the running time, you can also turn video ads off. Also, you need to consider the minimum benchmarks for the time difference between two ads (eight minutes). Subscribers are more willing to follow those who have video ads turned off, as having the stream interrupted by ads is not enjoyable. If you have enough subscribers, it is better to keep them happy by turning video ads off. It is crucial to maintain a balance between them and calculate which methods give you more profit

There are many unique and exciting ways to earn money on Twitch. Successful channels balance both sponsorship and subscription growth. Build upon your initial fanbase so you can use Twitch’s programs to support yourself financially.