How many terminals does Charlotte airport have?

Charlotte airport is one of the busiest airports in the United States. This airport was established in 1935, at that time it was called Charlotte Municipal Airport and was a civil-military project. Its name was changed in 1982. In 2019 it was ranked as one of the most 11th busiest airports of the United States based on customer traffic. This airport handles airline destinations of over 178 countries apart from its local operations. In this article, we will tell you about the Charlotte Airport terminals as well as about Charlotte Airport daily parking rates.

Charlotte Airport terminals and concourses

This considerable airport has one terminal and five concourses namely

  • Concourse A
  • Concourse B
  • Concourse C
  • Concourse D
  • Concourse E

Concourse A: This concourse has 21 gates. This concourse is used by Air Canada, American, Contour Airlines, Delta, Frontier, Jet Blue, Southwest, Spirit, and United. These gates were established in the following timeline in 1986 gates A1 to A11 ware opened, and in July of 2018, nine gates from A21 to 29 were opened. Currently, this concourse is expanding with Phase II under construction, which will be completed in 2022.

Concourse B: Established in 1982, this concourse has 16 gates from B1 to B16. In 2016 ten additional boarding gates were opened in this concourse. This concourse also has ATMs, shops, and restaurants. You can reach this area from the Atrium located on the upper level. This concourse is used by local (American flights)

Concourse C: In this concourse has Admiral Club. This concourse is only used by American eagle flights operated solely by Republican airlines. It has 18 gates and also shops, ATMs, and restaurants

Concourse D: This concourse handles the international flight. Lufthansa and Volaris also use it. It was made operational in 1990 in total it has 18 gates. Domestic flights also use this concourse.
Concourse E: It is the most significant concourse having 46 gates, and American eagle flights use it. In total, it has 46 gates. It handles 340 flights per day, making it the biggest flight operation in the world.

Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Parking rates for Charlotte Airport

  • Long term Lot 1 to 4 days
    Price $7 per day, it has shuttle bus service available
  • Hourly rates
    The first hour is free, and after that, every additional 1/2 hour $1 and maximum daily $20. This level has walkways that connect it to level 2
  • Regular Parking Lot
    This parking lot charges $8 per day and has a shuttle bus service.
  • Daily parking spaces (East and West)
    This area charges $10 per day, and this also has a shuttle bus service.
  • Business car valet service
    This service offers to all those drivers who want to park their vehicles on the business valet desk. It includes luggage assistance and car wash services. The rate of this service is $14 a day.
  • Curbait Valet
    In this service, the valet parks the car of the customer and offer luggage assistance is being provided to the customer. It is the most expenses service because it charges $35 per day for their service.