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How Often Should You Change Your Bedsheets?

Most of the readers here keep a clean and tidy house. They make their bed in the morning, all surfaces are wiped down after the dishes are done and the clothes are washed whenever the hamper gets full. But what about the bedsheets? Very few people give a thought to the bedsheets. Most are concerned about the layout and general appearance of their bedroom. Humans care about the space they sleep in, and for good reason, since our bedroom’s look forms a cozy environment and even has an impact on our mood. It’s important to arrange and decorate your bedroom in a proper manner. So if you want to refresh your bedroom’s design and bring some vividness into it, visit and have a taste of the best pillows at an affordable cost.

And now in this article, we will look into how often you should change your bedsheets and other factors that you should consider.

 So, what should be the frequency?  

Sheets are in daily contact with our skin. After repeated use, they accumulate our dead skin cells, dust, and grime from our interaction with the outside world as well as fecal matter (for those who love to sleep naked).

As a result, most experts recommend that you change and wash your sheets on a weekly basis. However, we understand that there could be factors that could warrant a change in this frequency. Some of those factors have been highlighted below:

  • If you have underlying respiratory conditions such as asthma, the prevalence of allergies, or are simply sensitive to dust.
  • Lesions or infections on your skin. They get in contact with the bed linens.
  • You sweat excessively at night
  • You are a pet lover and the animal sleeps in the bed with you. (Most animals are constantly shedding)
  • You are a frequent eater in bed.
  • You don’t shower before you go to bed.
  • You prefer sleeping naked.

What if I don’t change my sheets frequently?

As stated earlier, your bedsheets accumulate dust, grime, and other animal bacteria. By not washing your sheets, you are making your bed a haven for infection. While the accumulation might not make you sick in the short term, there is a possibility of you getting seriously ill in the future. You are exposing yourself to the possibility of contracting something from the accumulation of bacteria.

Sleeping in dirty sheets only worsens the conditions for those with allergies, asthma, and other respiratory illnesses. If you fit into this category, you should make changing the sheets a priority for you.

How should I wash them?

Due to the accumulation of bacteria and other material, it is recommended that you wash your bedsheets and other bedding in hot water. However, you should read the label on your beddings to know if they stand the use of hot water. You don’t want to spoil your good sheets.

In addition, it is recommended that you iron your sheets afterward.

For those readers who don’t regularly have the time to wash their beddings, we recommend that you follow the advice given below between washings:

  • Always bath before going to bed
  • Don’t eat on the bed.
  • Remove makeup, oils, and other creams right before going to bed
  • Keep your pets off your bed
  • Don’t climb into bed with your shoes and socks.
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