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How is Medical Coding Different From Medical Billing?

Both Medical coding and medical billing play a vital role. They include activities like registration of a patient, document delivery to the payment provider, and reimbursement security claim.

These processes require the combined efforts of coders, patients, insurance companies, and the healthcare department. Some people think that billing and coding are the same, but if we look in-depth, they are different jobs that have additional requirements. Both demand other personality traits. So let us investigate medical coding and medical billing services.

Medical coders:

There are different codes that they insert in a computer that understands the patient. Some codes are as follows.

  •   Current procedural terminology
  •   International classification of diseases
  •   Tenth Revision

One should have a good knowledge of all the medical terminologies in order to work with the codes. The medical billing service then requires the medical billers to file claims regarding insurance and account payment with the help of the regulations. Claims should be accurate only when the medical information is accurate. Hence, the medical companies and billers work with one another to resolve rejections and denials and finalize the outgoing statements.

1.     Type of personality:

Your job depends on the personality you have. If you are an extrovert, you may get into medical billing as billers have to become comfortable talking to the insurance companies and the patient. They have the job of resolving issues and coming to conclusions; hence this job is best for extroverts.

But if you’re an introvert, you will fit into medical coding as coders have their daily tasks. Their task requires details and analytical skills. However, there is no hard and fast rule. Some students are introverts, but they do well in medical billing.

Moreover, medical billers work with patients, whereas coders don’t, as not everyone can work with patients. The best part about the medical industry is having specific jobs through which you can help patients without interacting with them. Thus, coders are the ones who work behind the scenes. They work with other staff members who update them regarding the patient.

A biller’s job is to be professional. He must work with the patient, calm him down and talk about the cost of treatment. Good billers can make the patient identify the cost of his treatment.

2.     Different duties

Large-scale facilities require their billers and coders to carry their tasks individually. Most students start with large healthcare companies when it comes to an entry-level job. While on the other hand, individuals do their daily routine tasks like billing and coding when it comes to smaller healthcare facilities. So, if you’re unable to identify your area of interest, look for a small business that will allow you to experience the art of coding as well as billing.

However, medical billers work independently as they facilitate the talk between parties to smoothen the billing process; medical coders work with the organization directly.

3.     Salary

Lastly, the salary of both the jobs is not the same even though educational requirements are the same. A medical biller earns $19.00 per hour, whereas medical coders earn $21.16 per hour.

In conclusion, you can do both jobs if you are both an extrovert and an introvert. Just focus on the entry-level requirements and give it a go. Follow your dreams.