What are organic followers?

Concerning followers, there are always two types of followers. Firstly, organic or real followers and secondly the followers that you buy. Organic followers are also referred to as natural followers. You can gain organic followers by using Instagram as the basic platform and attract followers using the key features that are provided by the application. Metaphorically, the content you post is like a seed that grows into a follower over a period, leading to organic Instagram growth. It is also important to shed some light on the benefits of having organic followers


Benefits of having organic followers

There are many benefits to having organic followers. Firstly, you will know that all the engagement on your posts, either likes or comments, is real and that it is what actual people think about it. This would give you a higher level of satisfaction and happiness as compared to the one from the followers that you buy. A higher number of organic followers would mean that people are liking the content that you are posting and are interested to see the future posts and updates from your profile. When a person is working this hard to achieve something, it feels good to know that people are appreciating your work and are looking forward to more content.


Organic Instagram growth

The key to achieving organic growth is consistency. You can’t just rely on one good post as there are times when your post doesn’t go viral or does not receive the amount of support that you would have expected. Posting content consistently sets up expectations for the followers regarding the next post, and they tend to look forward and wait for what you will be posting next. Instagram these days is flooded with entrepreneurs and content creators. For you to achieve a high standard of organic growth and recognition, the quality of your content shall be such which stands out and makes your work different than others.

Engagement is not only limited to in-feed posts. It also deals with other metrics such as story replies, viewing IGTV videos, and mentioning other bloggers or Instagram users in your stories. Content diversity means that you can increase your engagement rates and, consequently, your organic Instagram growth.

One of the facts that cannot be ignored is that people love promotions or free things. A way to attract followers is by introducing giveaways, where you send gifts to anyone random follower. These giveaways have a process that assists in attracting people who are not yet directly following you but are following your followers. Drawing their attention to your profiles would also help in organic Instagram growth.



Last but not least, it can be said that Instagram can be a highly beneficial platform for you to work and earn both respect and money. But to ensure that your success goes smooth, you should make sure that the work you’re doing is organic and natural so that you can stay away from any extra hustle or worries.