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The Truth About Midlife Infidelity

Before we start discussing the causes of infidelity, it is important to point out that your partner does not cause you to cheat. Most people when caught cheating, will bluntly accuse their partners of not being able to fulfill some of their needs. I find this reason is insufficient to warrant infidelity. Couples should exhaust other options like counseling before engaging in infidelity. It is time we accuse the cheater of cheating, and not the partner. This video might provide you with more information on the topic.
Why couples cheat?


If the woman is conservative in bed, or the man is very busy and always absent. Then infidelity will arise due to lack of satisfaction. One of them will seek pleasure elsewhere. This is the main reason why most couples cheat according to private investigator Adelaide, and they specialize in tracking down cheating couples. This issue can be avoided by communication and seeking professional counseling.

Body image

Men are visual beings. They are attracted by good physique or body shape. When you met with your spouse, maybe she was in the best form. After some time in the marriage, she gains weight and appears shapeless, due to childbearing and other factors. A man might lose interest in his wife, and this can result in infidelity in the marriage. Though it can be avoided by constant communication with your wife, you should take her to the gym, maybe do a morning run or exercise.

Exit strategy

If the man or the woman feels that they married too soon, or maybe they are incompatible. One of the couples may engage in cheating to make them separate in the marriage. He or she could be finding a way out of the union. It could also be linked to revenge if one of the partners was found cheating. The other partner might want to revenge.

Roughly 40% of marriages end when the partners are aged between 35-45 years. That is according to this site. The primary cause of this separation is infidelity. Both partners may be caught cheating, but sincerely speaking. In most instances, it is the woman who is involved in infidelity. Am not saying men are not included, they cheat. Infidelity occurs after the couple has been married for some years, maybe they had a kid or two before they call it quits. Why is this? There are several reasons as to why one of the couples cheats on the other.

What to do in this situation
Seek professional help

Don’t jump into conclusions when you are not satisfied in the marriage. There are ways of saving marriage other than engaging in infidelity or separating. You should try and keep the union, communicate with your partner. If that is impossible at the moment, seek professional counseling from marriage experts. They will advise on how to cope with the relationship, instead of cheating in revenge. Dialogue is essential in a marriage. Always communicate with your spouse in case you feel you are not satisfied with the union.

Infidelity is wrong for the marriage. There are ways of mitigating it. You should seek help rather than engage in adultery. If communication with your spouse is a bit hard, seek professional help from marriage experts.

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