How to study effectively in a short period

For some studying is a walk in the park, this is because they are motivated. For others, it requires some energy before they get used to the studying process. Studying should be a habit. According to the Oxford dictionaries, a habit is a pattern that is regularly followed until it becomes involuntary. Don’t just study the night before the big test tomorrow, and you should make it a habit so that you continuously improve your study skills. I found the study tips on this site very informative. When you make it a habit, it will enhance your overall grades at school and also help you in your career. I have put together some tips on how to build a pattern to study effectively.

  1. Ask questions

You should be in the habit of asking questions if you feel that you don’t understand what the teacher is talking about. By asking questions, you are improving your understanding. Just raise your hand and ask for clarification. Tutors Adelaide advise students that if you feel shy to raise your hand, you can follow the teacher after class to seek more clarification.

  1. Keep off distractions

The most common disturbance among students is mobile devices. During lectures you often hear cell phones ringing, students typing on their phones and some may even go as far as answering calls!! This distraction is not good. The best environment for studying should be quiet, to improve concentration. If you want to study effectively, ditch your cellphones during class hours. Keep off distracting friends. By doing this, your chances of understanding what the teacher is teaching will be very high.

  1. Pay attention

The best way to study is to practice active listening. Be in the habit of noting down what your teacher is saying. This way you will be improving your memory on what you learned in class. Don’t be distracted in any way.

  1. Study plan

This is where push comes to shove. Most learners are unable to study on their own. You need to come up with a study plan. This is not something new. The study plan shows what topics you intend to cover and the duration of time. It is about making goals for yourself. You need to focus on the type of questions you think will be on the test. Watch this video to be aware of how to study within a short period of time.

  1. Study area

Finding a good spot in the library or at home is very crucial. The best place should be free from distractions, well-lit and with a good workspace. Find a spot that will make you absorb what you are studying.


There is no known formula for studying very well in school. Different students have different abilities, and that is why students perform differently. It all comes down to your attitude. As a student, you should have a positive attitude towards studying. I think this would be a good thing to kick start your educational journey. The moment you stop viewing education as a punishment, then you will take advantage of the opportunities in the learning process.

Developing a habit of studying requires time and patience. If you follow these tips, you will study effectively within a short period. This skill is not for passing exams only, and it might help you after school.

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